Wall in the Barn

Unique gallery space upstairs in The Craft Barn in Hadfield

'This Too Will Pass' Virtual Exhibition

A call to artists and photographers

An invitation to share your creative responses to this turmoil.

The Wall in the Barn is hosting an ongoing virtual exhibition which will, when the time comes, be an actual exhibition in the The Craft Barn, Hadfield.

Instructions: Email me a photo of your work (julia.craftbarn@gmail.com). Include the title, the medium, the time when the work was created/photograph taken, and anything else you would like to share. The only stipulation is that it is something that you create NOW, motivated or moved by what is happening; rather than something made in the past that seems appropriate.

This first piece was created by Tess Gee, an illustrator living here in Hadfield. I have 'borrowed' the title of her work and it will become the title of our virtual exhibition.

Please share with anyone who you think may like to participate. Julia x

Here are the entries so far...