Wall in the Barn

Unique gallery space upstairs in The Craft Barn in Hadfield

Opening Exhibition

The first 'Wall in the Barn' exhibition took place on the 27th, 28th and 29th May 2017 in The Craft Barn, Hadfield.

Darren showcased his new photographic landscape work. These atmospheric depictions of local moorland employ HDR and subtle selective colouring techniques and are part of a series called 'Skies and Stones'. This work focuses on the wonderful wind sculpted gritstone formations of the Dark Peak seen through a wide lens.

Saima presented her Giclee prints of her miniature paintings recently exhibited at the Colombo Biennale and nominated for the prestigious Jameel Arts Prize. Her practice has its roots in the Indo-Persian tradition of miniature painting, but like many of her contemporaries, she has rejected traditional subjects for modern topical ones such as the restrictive conditions placed on women in Pakistan.